Will My Offer Get Accepted?

Will My Offer Get Accepted?

  • Megan Tomasello
  • 09/22/21

So many clients have asked in recent months: "There are 25 offers on this house already. Should we even try?" My answer time and again? “YES!” Here's why: ⁣

Contracts fall through for ALL sorts of reasons—from contingencies not being met to financing concerns. You never know what’s going to happen. Trust us!⁣
In a market where multiple offers are common, investors (and sometimes buyers) simultaneously put offers on multiple properties. Then, when they find something better, they simply walk away leaving the property available for another buyer.⁣

While we can’t predict the future (or what’s going to happen in a multiple-offer situation), we can say we put ALL buyers in the best possible position to come out on top. If you find a house you love, go for it—and keep going for it until you succeed!

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