I’d Love to Sell My Home, but Where Will I Go?

I’d Love to Sell My Home, but Where Will I Go?

  • Megan Tomasello
  • 09/22/21

If this is you, I get it. In a perfect world, buying and selling coordinates perfectly—two stacks of papers, one closing day, two sets of keys, and one related client. And while the real estate stars frequently align for buyers and sellers, sometimes you have to be a bit flexible.⁣

The good news is there are a few things you and your agent can do to simplify the buying process when you’re smack-dab in the middle of selling. The "keys" to success on both ends is a realtor who can lead you through:⁣

A plan for temporary housing. Think friends with a spare room, family with a basement, a house-sitting gig, or, best-case scenario, a leaseback option with your buyers.⁣
A willingness to show new listings—stat. If your search has stalled because you can’t find “the one,” the sooner you put eyes on new listings, the sooner you’ll get out of limbo.⁣
A 30-day closing. When you’ve found your next home, your agent can negotiate a quick closing so you can step out of temporary housing and into your forever home ASAP.

Selling and buying is a huge undertaking. That’s why we’re here. ⁣

Let’s chat so you can hear straight from us how we keep the process laid-back and low-key for all of our clients. Don’t wait. Reach out and let’s connect this week!

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