Seasons Change, How to Keep Your Home Up-to-Date

Seasons Change, How to Keep Your Home Up-to-Date

  • Megan Tomasello
  • 09/22/21
Hot summer days are almost over which also means homeowners can give attention to a few time-sensitive tasks around the house.

No need to stress—knock ‘em out early in the season and then get those toes back in the sand where they belong. Here’s a shortlist of summer maintenance jobs to help get you started:⁣

  1. Cut back overgrown vegetation from your home’s walls and fences.⁣
  2. Inspect your exterior for loose or rotted siding.⁣
  3. Wash windows inside and out.⁣
  4. Service your AC and change air filters.⁣
  5. Power wash your driveway and sidewalks.⁣
  6. Wash and stain or reseal your deck.⁣
  7. Empty out gutters and downspouts.⁣
  8. Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct.⁣
  9. Service the grill by closing the lid, turning the heat on high, and letting it cook for about a half-hour.⁣
  10. Refresh landscaping by adding a layer of fresh mulch (I much prefer double-ground).⁣

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