Creating a Bedroom Retreat

Creating a Bedroom Retreat

  • Megan Tomasello
  • 09/22/21

Feeling wound up these days? Know what helps? Coming home to a tranquil, tidy, and timeless bedroom retreat at the end of the day.

Create yours with these DIY ideas (that also moonlight as home staging tips):⁣

Declutter. Put away piles of clothes, books, and bills (ahem!) littering your bedroom.⁣
Make the bed (yep, every morning!) and make it beautiful with textured blankets and a few decorative pillows that you adore.⁣
Improve the lighting. Add a table lamp to your dresser or swap out bulbs for a softer hue or wattage. What you want for lighting in the bedroom are options, options, options!⁣
Freshen up the walls with a coat of paint. What colors evoke calm to you—soft blues, gorgeous grays, earthy greens? Hop on Pinterest for inspiration. Then, carve out a weekend and get it done!⁣
Kick out the electronics. Nothing zaps a peaceful bedroom retreat liking a flashing television, messy cords, and blinding (or worse, blinking) lights. If you can stand it, clear out the gadgets and screens—for good.⁣

Don’t wait for vacation to feel relaxed and well-rested! Get started on your own 5-star bedroom retreat today with these super simple and doable tips!⁣

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