Home to many parks, golf courses, sports courts, and playing fields.

Welcome to Fairfield

Upscale, secluded, and quiet, yet close to it all
On the northern side of the San Francisco Bay, not far from Napa, lies the quiet and upscale community of Fairfield. Located within the California Coastal Ranges, Fairfield is home to many parks, golf courses, sports courts, and playing fields. The Fairfield region is only a 45-minute drive from both Sacramento and San Francisco, making it a popular place to live for those with jobs in the city that need a little more space than what you might typically find in the city.
First inhabited by Native Americans and Spanish colonists, Fairfield is a vibrant melting pot of immigrant cultures, easily seen in the neighborhood's many top-rated restaurants serving up fresh Mexican fare, authentic Asian cuisine, and the best produce Northern California has to offer. If a day out of town is necessary, residents are lucky enough to live just 20 minutes away from the world-famous Napa Valley and the dozens of vast vineyards of the regions.

What to Love

  • Fairfield residents have no shortage of leisurely activities to take advantage of at the area’s countless country clubs, golf courses, or parks.
  • A rich presence of foreign cultures has led to the establishment of some of the most unique fusion restaurants in all of California.
  • Schools across the Fairfield area are highly rated and well-liked by families, providing excellent educational opportunities for children's futures.


Local Lifestyle

Fairfield residents enjoy sunny skies and a comfortable climate year-round. Locals take advantage of this by spending many weekends outdoors at parks, golf courses, and country clubs. Many of the town's most-loved eateries were founded by first and second-generation Americans. Authentic flavors have been combined with freshly grown California ingredients, giving locals a unique style of cuisine that has been often imitated yet never properly duplicated. Lucky Fairfield citizens are a short drive from Napa Valley, California's world-famous wine country.  Life in Fairfield seems to have achieved a perfect balance. Despite popular destinations being a quick drive down the road, many find that they don't need, or want, to stray too far away.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Nobody benefits from the diversity of Northern California more than Fairfield. While more traditional dishes are in no shortage, residents possess unique opportunities to sample unique Asian fusion cuisine that just simply is not available in most other locations. One of these opportunities can be sought out at Palm Thai Bistro. Pad thai, curry, and pineapple fried rice are all popular dishes, along with newer creations such as their wings, crispy spring rolls, and various stir fry dishes.
More traditional appetites can be satisfied at Two60 Kitchen + Bar. While exotic dishes such as spicy Korean chicken sandwiches and chicken satay are wildly popular, Two60 has put its own twist on American favorites, like their house burger and cajun shrimp. Quick and easy dinners can be found at Cenario’s Pizza. Conveniently located alongside many major roadways, Cenario’s is the perfect pit stop on your way back home from a day at the park or a round of golf.

Things To Do

Without a doubt, one of the top attractions in Fairfield is the deep-rooted wine culture, which has made Northern California world-famous. Patrons of the area's endless vineyards can sample wine, take home a few bottles of souvenirs, and learn about the extensive process that goes into production. Live music, locally produced cheese, and other produce can be found at various festivals nearby. For those looking for a more low-key night out, dinner at one of the many social clubs or a round of golf are both viable options.


Many opportunities for continuing education are available in Fairfield, including:



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