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A quiet, spacious, and suburban community.

Welcome to Berkeley / El Cerrito

A friendly Bay Area community with room to grow
Nestled between the San Leandro Mountains and the northern edge of the San Francisco Bay lies Berkeley/El Cerrito. A quiet, spacious, and suburban community, Berkeley/El Cerrito has become a haven for those wanting to enjoy the pleasures of life in the Bay Area, while still maintaining a comfortable standard of living. Breathtaking Pacific views and charming old-fashioned streets have made the area one of the best places in California to live and grow.
Expansion grew rapidly after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco proper. Many of those who moved across The Bay were painters and sculptors, turning the area into one of the largest artists’ colonies in the country. The promise of factory jobs during World War II also encouraged the settlement of immigrants in the area, making Berkeley/El Cerrito one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of the Bay Area. Unmatched culture, a friendly environment, and larger-sized homes truly make Berkeley/El Cerrito the best of both worlds.

What to Love

  • One of the major employers and attractions in the area is the University of Cal at Berkeley, its sporting teams, and the Botanical Gardens. 
  • The Fourth Street Shops are a popular shopping destination with several boutiques unique to the Berkeley neighborhood.
  • Berkeley/El Cerrito is appreciative of the arts and is home to fascinating museums.
  • One special transportation option is the ferry across the Bay into San Francisco, giving passengers views that most don’t usually experience.


Local Lifestyle

Most famously, Berkeley is home to the University of California’s first campus, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States. Berkeley/El Cerrito dwellers have an easier commute to downtown San Francisco than several of their neighbors; ferries make the eight-mile journey across The Bay to and from the San Francisco Peninsula every day. Similar to their neighbors, Berkeley/El Cerrito residents deeply appreciate their environment, and frequently visit the Berkeley Marina, University Botanical Gardens, and countless other parks. With fantastic weather all year long, leisure time is often spent roaming the Fourth Street Shops.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

One of the top gathering spots in the greater Berkeley area would be the Fourth Street Shops. One favorite stop is the Paraiso Plant Studio. Common, everyday options are available, with a rotation of special, rare plants also featured each week. In addition to in-person shopping, delivery is available for larger purchases. Just beyond Fourth Street, lies Skates on The Bay. First opened in 1984 right on the waterfront, Skates has been serving up seafood, sushi, and steak with the San Francisco skyline as the perfect backdrop.
Located more inland near campus, Chef Alice Waters' acclaimed flagship restaurant and cafe, Chez Panisse, serves upscale, seasonal fare in a chic, cozy environment. In addition to their dreamy dinners, they are also well-known for their refreshing cocktails and decadent desserts.

Things To Do

Berkeley’s temperate climate and beautiful scenery leave residents with no reason to deny themselves a trip to one of the many local parks or gardens. Famously home to the University of California at Berkeley, the University Botanical Gardens are home to over 10,000 different types of plants across 34 acres. This living museum gives visitors the chance to view both rare and endangered species, not commonly seen. A popular indoor activity for the occasional rainy day can be found at The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. A combined archive, movie theater, and museum, some of their previous exhibitions have included authentic Buddhist art, digital artwork, and interactive workshops.


Berkeley/El Cerrito is home to many prestigious educational institutions. One option is:

  • University of California, Berkeley; commonly referred to as “Berkeley,” the first campus in the University of California system is well-known for the rigorous standards of its more than 130 academic departments and 80 interdisciplinary research units.


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